Sunday, August 29, 2010

Front Page v. Etsy Finds :: A Senioritis Experiment

Morning everyone! The idea for today's post stems from a conversation that was had in an Etsy Virtual Labs session about places to be featured. We figured why not pay tribute to some of science's greatest minds and conduct an experiment. Don't worry, you won't need a lab coat or goggles ;)

Which place would it be more beneficial* to be featured: Etsy's front page or in an Etsy Finds email?

*Level of benefit will be determined by the following measures:

-Time on Site
-Bounce Rate

Background Research
At the time of the Virtual Lab session the question seemed pretty valid but we didn't really give it much thought so let's take a closer look. While a Front Page feature travels with a certain level of prestige, it even gets its own badge, it's only active for a limited amount of time and can therefore only be seen by so many eyes. An Etsy Finds email on the other hand gets sent out to bajillions of people (we have no emperical evidence to back this exact number) who subscribe and the topic is then placed on Etsy's blog, The Storque, for more people to view.

If a shop is featured in an Etsy Finds email it will be more beneficial for the shop than if featured on an Etsy front page.

Test With An Experiment
The Famous Seniors have smiled upon us. In the past few weeks senioritis has been featured on Etsy's front page and in an awesome Etsy Finds email (thanks Amy!). Let the experiment commence!

During the experiment we held other variables constant: no paid advertising, no contests, no special features or sales. There was no significant difference in the content of our shop or the number of items in it. We did mention both features on facebook and twitter.

The only variable that changed was the location of the feature.

Analyze Results
To analyze the results of our experiment we enlisted the help of our good friends the Google and Craftopolis. Here's what we observed:

Etsy Front Page Feature:
280 Visits
2 Pages/Visit
1:12 Spent on Site
71% Bounce Rate
4 Favorites

Etsy Finds Email Feature:
652 Visits
10 Pages/Visit
3:56 Spent on Site
46% Bounce Rate
66 Favorites

If a shop is featured in an Etsy Finds email it is indeed more beneficial to that shop than being featured on Etsy's front page.

While we are pleased with the outcome of the experiment we feel that the experiment should be re-run several times before we can publish our results ;)

Hopefully you enjoyed our experiment, had a little fun, and got something out of it. We would love to hear about your experiences being featured so don't hesitate to leave us a comment. Have a senioritis day!

Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Great blog post, this is what I thought would be the case! Congrats on both features!

  2. Thanks Heather! With so much talk about Etsy's front page we never really gave much thought to what type of impact an Etsy Finds feature would have. Hopefully we'll be able to run the experiment many more times to strengthen our conclusion ;)

  3. As someone who has been on the FP and in the Etsy finds, I will tell you most definitely that getting into the etsy finds brought me many sales, versus being on the FP for an hour. Especially if you are able to up the quantity of the item in the email.

    Good Luck to all!

  4. Very cool, thanks for the input BrassHussy & good tip about upping the quantity of the featured item ;)

  5. Great post, great info! Now how does one whore* oneself into the Etsy Finds?

    *and by "whore" I mean "earn through hard work and merit"

  6. We're pretty sure that's the commonly accepted definition JillHannah ;)

    Unfortunately we don't have a scientific answer but, we've heard that sending cookies to Etsy headquarters increases the odds! We're not sure if Etsy Finds are tied into the monthly Etsy merchandising articles but if they are that may be a good place to start.

  7. Very interesting finds and information! Is there a certain way to be featured?

  8. Not really sure how the Etsy Finds themes are chosen Katy, hopefully someone with more knowledge than us will chime in.

    We have been checking out Etsy's merchandising article for the last couple of months though and we're pretty sure this is what they use to pick certain themes to feature across the site. Here's September's:

  9. This is the first I've heard of Etsy Finds. Based on your results, I shall don my lab coat and educate myself. Thanks!

  10. Glad we could introduce you to Etsy Finds London, don't forget your goggles ;)

  11. great scientific research! Hope you get to run more experiments.

  12. Thanks Waterrose, we hope so as well ;)

  13. Thank you for your sharing.
    I'd like to be a part of this research but i've never been on Etsy finds, i dont konw to to feel it :(

  14. Thanks for checking out our experiment mamma mia. Your time will come, your work looks very nice, cool sock slippers!

  15. Thank you for the information and putting yourself on the line for such a grueling experiment!

    Off to bake cookies...

  16. Danger is our middle name ;) Thanks for reading about our experiment Tesoro!


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