Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Finds 8.20.10

Happy Friday everyone! We're excited to bring you another installment of our Friday Finds workspaces segments. These workspace features are designed to show people that while a high-end, top of the line work studio is really nice, it's not always necessary and that all it takes is a little imagination to turn any place into a sweet workspace and create some really cool stuff. This week we get a behind the scenes look at Jayne from J. Norvelle Design's workspace.

J. Norvelle Designs

What do you create?
I create jewelry from stones that I find walking along the edge of the ocean. Some of the stones are natural polished by the sand and sea, others I will give an extra bit of polish. I then set these stones in silver. I hand forge the silver from flat sheets. Cutting, pounding, heating, sanding, polishing, until the silver is transformed; much as the sea has transformed the stone.

The work in your shop looks awesome Jayne, we love the wave logo! The jewelry boxes made by your husband look great as well ;)

silver and copper disc wave logo ring

Tell us a little about your workspace please:
My workspace is a small room, about 9 x 10, one wall acts as miscellaneous storage. My husband built my workbench for me. The room is small, but everything is within reach - oddly I still manage to lose tools that are right in front of me.

We always lose things right in front of us ;)

What inspires you?
I live on the Oregon Coast, my inspiration comes from the ocean. I have lived by the ocean all my life, my family has earned their living from the sea, and we have also lost to the sea. Even through the loss, the sea continues to call me, and I can not resist.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing your workspace as well as what inspires you Jayne! To see more of J. Norvelle Design's awesome work please visit her etsy shop.


Well, it's back to school time so this week we pay tribute to orator and educator Robert G. Ingersoll who reminds us that common sense is more important than education ;) To see more of our designs please visit our Etsy shop.

robert ingersoll

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  1. Thanks for featuring me, very cool! :)
    Jayne - J Norvelle Designs

  2. Our pleasure Jayne, thanks for sharing your workspace with us!


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