Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kidrobot x Swatch

Just wanted to take a brief moment and share the pure awesomeness that is the new kidrobot x swatch collection. As big vinyl fans and long time swatch enthusiasts, when we heard that kidrobot was going to team up with swatch to design a line of watches and dunnys we were pretty stoked.

We finally had the chance to swing by kidrobot ny a few weeks back and view the collection. With designs from the likes of Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Tilt, MAD and others this collection is full of win. With the help of @kidrobotny(thanks again) we were able to track down a limited edition kidrobot x swatch case which includes eight watches and dunnys and a super sweet 'stached 20" Kozik dunny.

Enough of the rambling, just click below to check out more photos of the collection.

Happy Sunday!

Garrick @ Senioritis