Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Finds 3.26.10

Happy Friday! Welcome to this week's segment of Friday Finds. We have found some cool new finds to share with everyone as well as one of our newest Famous Seniors. Hope everyone is having a great day =)


We came across gufobardo's work a little while back and think her style is just great; to us it seems to be whimsical with a touch of fantasy. Gufobardo offers one of a kind artwork, jewelry, and more. To see more of Stefania's great work pay a visit to gufobardo's
Etsy shop or stop by her blog.

dance with me

listen to your heart

spring is here

the dark side

Ritzee Rebel

From junk food to cupcakes, Ritzee Rebel's work always puts a smile on our face so we felt the need to share with everyone else
:) To see more of Ritzee Rebel's cool felt work stop by her Etsy shop or her blog.

alice in wonderland





What does happen to a dream deferred?
This week we are paying tibute to Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes. To see more of our tributes please visit our Etsy shop.

langston hughes

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Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Yay, Ritzee Rebel :D!!!! Congrats!!! Love her work!!! I love the other seller too!! Love the listen to your heart print ;)!

  2. wow, you make my day! My passion, my obsession:ART! but I am a ghost eheheh...well, thank you! I'm so proud to be here, stunning etsy shop! with me????

  3. Digicute...I'm making canvas bags with 'Listen to your heart'..:O)))

  4. Thanks so much for the feature, this is great!

  5. it's our pleasure gufobardo and ritzee, your work rocks!

    thanks a bunch for checking out our finds irene & digicute =)

  6. Great picks! Those drawings are fabulous - what talent! And I love Ritzee's cupcakes, they are so cute :D

  7. thanks heather, we love the drawings as well and ritzee's cupcakes make us real hungry ;)


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