Sunday, March 7, 2010

Color Wanted

As spring approaches, the flowers start to bloom, and I begin to crave more color in my life. My wardrobe is sufficiently colorful, and I have plenty of fun art hanging in my apartment.


vintage poster

My place has great high ceilings and lots of light; but, as with most rental homes, my walls are a shade of brilliant white that is both impossible to keep clean and lacking in fun.

Thus, I have decided to paint one (or several) of my walls. I'm having trouble deciding which color to go with. I have some red accents in my apartment already, so while red is one of the best accent wall colors, I don't think it'd look right.


I'm thinking of possibly a yellow or maybe even a blue. If any of you have any ideas or have gone through the painting process before, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. This is a topic I know well... Red is fun, but it entirely depends on the space. It is also a major chore to paint as it usually requires either a tinted primer of several coats (as opposed to the usual 2).

    I am a huge fan of sort of a camel color, it will show off your things nicely without competing with all that bright color popping you have going on. Maybe a grey/tan like:

    Go here to explore more options:

    Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks so much, 41park! That Benjamin Moore Virtual Fan Deck is fantastic. So many colors to choose from, but I think a really light grey might be the winner. I'll post photos once I make a decision and go for it!

  3. Great art work Thanks for share with us.


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