Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Featured Artist :: Himawari Designs

This week's featured artist is Himawari Designs!

Senioritis: Name and location please.
Himawari Designs: Jeska (Himawari), southern California.
Senioritis: Ahhh, SoCal, excellent! I envy the fact that you don't have to use a snow shovel very often ;)

Senioritis: Can you tell us a little about yourself Himawari?
Himawari Designs: I'm a 16 year old artist trying to become well known before I get too old! I really want people to see the world as I do and maybe give them some inspiration.
Senioritis: Wow, can't believe you're only 16, I'm not sure I want to hear what your idea of too old is =) The fact that you are 16 and have a shop full of you own work up and running is awesome, great job!

Senioritis: Himawari, how would you describe your style?
Himawari Designs: cute, sexy, elegant, and passionate

Senioritis: Do you have a favorite color?
Himawari Designs: I have three! Pink, blue, and purple!~

train view

Senioritis: Himawari, are you a righty or a lefty?
Himawari Designs: Righty
Senioritis: It continues to surprise me how many artists are rightys. For some reason I thought leftys were supposed to be more creative; guess that's just a myth.

Senioritis: Do you have a favorite quote Himawari?
Himawari Designs: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde
Senioritis: Ain't that the truth, great words to keep in mind. I think sometimes we all get a little caught up worrying about what others might think of us when we should just be ourselves and let people see us as we are.

Senioritis: Himawari, if you could have lunch with someone famous, past or present, who would it be?
Himawari Designs: Damon Albarn! His music has inspired me so much throughout the years. I would not be the same person if his music hadn't touched me the way it did. Even though we are artists in different fields he's still me idol.
Senioritis: I'm not too familiar with Damon Albarn's work but I'm excited to give it a listen.

kiki iphone skin

Senioritis: What's your favorite cartoon, from now or when you were a kid?
Himawari Designs: I really love Flapjack and Chowder! I also adore Speed Racer :)

Senioritis: Go Go Speed Racer! I love Speed Racer, Chim-chim is the best ;) On a more melancholy note I'm a pretty big Cartoon Network fan and am somewhat saddened to say that I have not seen Flapjack or Chowder. I will check them out on Cartoon Network's site though.

amy keychain

Senioritis: Himawari, where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?
Himawari Designs: I hope to have a little loft in LA and take some collage classes.
Senioritis: Sounds like a good plan to us. Based on your current work and your desire to keep learning we think the future for your artwork is very bright! (anyone else hear The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades playing?)

porcelain face

Senioritis: Are there any websites you'd like to mention?
Himawari Designs: My Etsy shop and my blog.

We'd like to thank Himawari for taking the time to give us some insight into her work and what inspires her. Be sure to check out her esty shop, Himawari Designs and her new Facebook fan page.

Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Her work is very unique and special :D!!!! I must say I'm also impressed that she's only 16! Great job ;)!

  2. Thanks for checking out this week's interview Digicute ;) We did a double take when we first read Himawari is 16. We love her style and think she has a very bright future in the art world.

  3. thank you guys for the feature!
    Stuff like this really does help spread the word!
    I can't tell you how much i appreciate this~
    i also made this facebook fan page a couple of nights ago

    if you guys ever need anything just ask!!!

  4. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the world of Himawari Designs, we're your newest facebook fan. Keep up the great work ;)

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