Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everything That's Green

Because everyone likes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day a bit in advance (and because on Wednesdays we traditionally offer our Featured Artist Series), this weekend's update is a tribute to everything that's green. Enjoy!!

There's nothing like green hair to really show the holiday spirit! PaperMuse's sea goddess is certainly on to something.

In case you're wondering, green floral wall paper like this created by FlowerOfTheDead actually does exist! Our aunt has it. It's fantastic.

Even our electronic devices deserve to take part in the festivities. Check it out - TheFigLeaf has all different colors.

This is just great. We really like Sascalia's work!

We hope you enjoyed just some of the green gems our fellow etsy folk have to offer! Stay tuned for lots more to come this week!

Beth @ Senioritis

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