Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to Wear White Pants

My apologies for the late post. It is certainly past my bedtime. I just returned to the big city from a fantastically relaxing and much-needed long weekend on Cape Cod. A few of my college friends go up there each summer to enjoy some serenity in our otherwise hectic lives. Needless to say, a weekend of relaxation means no television or internet; thus, I was unable to provide a proper weekend update this weekend. I will part with just few words this weekend, as we begin a short week here in the States and look forward to the start of what is sure to be a terrific summer.

Returning from vacation - even one as short as a long weekend - is never easy. Vacations are meant to revitalize us and make our usual over-scheduled lifestyles more bearable. While I am usually one for a sight-seeing-filled, active vacation, I am also a total sucker for weekends on the Cape. Not much beats long walks on the beach, night hours spent dining on home-cooked meals and playing board games, and the company of great friends. I urge those of you for whom a respite is a distant memory to take some time away from the television, internet, and blackberries, and give yourself a day or two to reacquaint yourself with the outdoors, a good book, or your friends and family.

Here's to a great start to the summer (and the week).

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