Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds 6.18.10

In case you missed the memo or misplaced your calendar, Father's Day is just a couple of days away (6.20). Thankfully we already have gifts for dad, but what if we didn't? We took a quick look around the web and found some things that dad might enjoy. We hope you enjoy this week's Father's Day inspired segment of Friday Finds, have an awesome day!


I once heard that a watch is not used to tell what time it is but to tell what time it is not - food for thought. Well, our dad likes watches, especially older and more obscure watches; he loves a watch with a story as well. The sleek, clean styling of this Gallet chronograph seems like something dad might enjoy. If your dad is a watch fan check out Sundayandsunday's Etsy shop, they specialize in Antique and Estate jewelry, watches, and militaria.

gallet yachting chronograph

Baseballs by Mike Floyd

Our dad likes art and he loves baseball; so when we first saw Mike Floyd's work we thought it was a match made in heaven :) We are fortunate to have some of Mike's work in our collection and we'll be the first to say that his work is second to none. The level of detail on these baseballs is amazing! Please swing by Mike Floyd's site to view more of his phenomenal work.

hammerin' hank greenberg baseball


Since I can remember, our dad has always loved cars. He's not really into exotics but loves classic American muscle! One of his favorite muscle cars is the Mustang. Any classic Mustang fan will tell you that there's no better example of a classic Mustang than a Shelby. A few weeks back we stumbled upon a car show and came across the beauty pictured below, a Shelby GT500KR. For our readers who are not car fans let's just say that this car is very cool & very rare with auction prices having reached $200k+.

Sorry pops, you won't see one in the driveway this Father's Day but maybe one day =)

shelby gt500kr


This week we pay tribute to one of our dad's favorites, the Babe. To see more of our tributes please visit our Etsy shop.

Have a great weekend & Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

babe ruth

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