Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds 6.11.10

As you may already know, last week we had the opportunity to check out Renegade Craft Fair over in Brooklyn. It was a very cool event with lots of great talent. While I enjoyed looking at everything, I especially liked checking out the illustrators, here's a few of my favorites. We hope you enjoy this week's Renegade inspired segment of Friday Finds, have an awesome day!

DKNG Studios

The first thing I actually noticed about DKNG was that they had some really cool 'Support Your Local Artist' stickers. We like to support local artists so we figured let's take a look, what we found were some very cool illustrations. DKNG had some really sweet music related designs on display (we later found out that they are the resident poster artists for the Troubador out in Hollywood, CA). Here's a quick sample of DKNG's work but please visit their site to see some great art and apparel!

flight of the conchords

Vahalla Studios

I especially liked the Decemberists and Kings of Leon designs, despite the fact that my sister had to tell me who they are (apparently I've fallen a bit out of touch with music recently). These two designs drew me into Vahalla's booth where we immediately saw many other great designs. Vahalla is a full service design studio so if you're in the Kansas City area and need some help these guys can lend you a hand. Check out Vahalla's site to learn more about the duo and view their work.


Sara Antoinette Martin

I'm not sure how to describe Sara's style but I know that I like it and that when I saw it I immediately thought tattoo art. For those of you who weren't able to see Sara's set up over at Renegade please swing by her site to see some great color & black and white offerings as well as a very cool guy lurking in the toys section.



This week we pay tribute to Scottish writer Robert Louis Stvenson with an illustration based on a 1930's Swedish movie poster. To see more of our tributes please visit our Etsy shop. Have a great weekend!

robert louis stevenson

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