Monday, June 7, 2010

The Real World

Last week I started my first real summer job. I have worked as a camp counselor numerous times and even taught a nature class a few years ago, but I have never had a real 9-5 job where I worked in an office. This summer I have an internship with an Environmental Consulting Firm on the island. For those of you who are not green or environmentally saavy, an environmental consultant is contracted out to look at a company's facilities and make sure it complies with a plethora of rules and regulations concerning everything from proper hazardous waste disposal to making sure the new building wont effect the water table of the area. I must say that although I have been there about a week I already love it. I greatly enjoy having my own cubicle and phone extension.
While I do have my degree in Environmental Policy and Law, a perfect background for this job, I am surprised with the amount of resposibility I have been given. I am not only in charge of several projects, but I have been asked my opinion on things many a time. It seems that my education has prepared me well for my future. I was terrified to enter the workplace, being so young and the only person there straight out of college. It seems however, that my youthfulness has put me at an advantage, I am pretty up to date on the current laws and regualtions and have learned about the newest technologies and mitigation methods. It also helps that I am a master at google ;-).
While the job is a once in a lifetime experience, I must admit that I am not a fan of the set schedule, or perhaps I just need to get used to it. While at school I was able to come and go as I please and do everything on my own time schedule, there was no due date or time, but rahter I got things done at my leisure. The real world, I am learning doesn't seem to work that way. But, if this is my biggest complaint about my new summer job than I guess I am in good shape.

Unfortunately, it is pretty much my bedtime since I now need to be up at 6 to make it to work by 8. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer and getting a little more lazy with the heat.

Jill @ Senioritis


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