Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds 2.12.10

Welcome to the first installment of our Friday Finds segment. Each Friday we will bring you some cool stuff while also sharing one of the newest designs in our Famous Seniors line. Happy Friday!

Brick Bracelets

Brick Bracelts' work brings the term playing with LEGOs to a whole other level. The level of detail on these pieces is simply amazing, you can look at them over and over and discover something new with each look. You can find out more about Brick Bracelets and see more of his work at his website or his Etsy shop.
dig dug
lego mcds
lego heart
lego marilyn monroe


We're really feeling Aptrick's style and his subject matter. We love toys, and we especially love vinyl. You can find out more about Aptrick and check out more of his work at his website or his Etsy shop.

robots r dum
i love you
zeke the zen panda
i like it here

Burton x Marley

A collabo between two legends, need we say more?

bob marley x burton


This design pays tribute to a man often called the Little Flower, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, we salute you. To see more of our tributes please check out our Etsy shop.


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  1. many new faces :D!! I love Brick Bracelets! Just hearted his shop!

  2. We agree Digicute, David's work is awesome. Everyone should check out his 3D Times Square, amazing work.

  3. While the 3D Times Square is absolutely amazing work, it was brought to our attention that this was not one of David's creations ;)

    To see more of David's work please check out his blog:


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