Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dinner Time

I love good food. One of the best things about living here in NYC is the plethora of amazing restaurants pretty much everywhere. I love all different cuisines, and I'll try most foods once. All of that said, I absolutely cannot cook. I never really had the opportunity to learn or observe anyone else cooking while growing up, and as I've gotten older, I've become embarrassed at my lack of culinary fortitude; but rather than experimenting with recipes or asking friends for help, I've resigned myself to pre-cooked meals, sandwiches, and pasta.

One of the best things about food (deliciousness aside, of course) is the art involved in the preparation and presentation. As a restaurant-goer, I am often exposed to the end product: the pile of greens topped with the perfect color combination of fruit and meat; the artfully compiled plate of entree and side; and the perfectly drizzled sauce surrounding a brownie sundae. But I am left totally out of the loop as far as what goes into creating the masterpieces that I eventually devour. The animated movie Ratatouille proved that "anyone can cook," and so I appeal to you, our readers, for any suggestions you might provide on cookbooks or recipes for beginners. I barely know how to turn on my oven, so I'm talking extremely easy, introductory recipes here. Please feel free to offer any tips you might have!

In return, I have compiled a short list below of some of the most delicious eateries I've found in various cities here in the U.S. and across the pond. Thanks in advance, and have a savory rest of the weekend!!

-- Los Angeles, California - Doughboys. You can't go wrong there with any meal. Decadence at its finest. Check them out here.
-- Los Angeles, California - Newsroom Cafe. Try the Healthy Jumbo Hotcake or any of the salads or sandwiches. Four of of five stars!
-- London, England - Pizza Express. They're everywhere, and every location is just superb. There's much more than pizza, though the pizza is definitely worth a try. Have a look at their menu here.
-- Boston (suburbs), Massachusetts - Kelly's Famous Roast Beef. Hands down best roast beef in the northeast. Their seafood is pretty amazing, too. Since 1951.
-- Kittery, Maine - Bob's Clam Hut. Always crowded, winter or summer, and well worth the drive. The fried shrimp is fantastic, and for non fish-eaters, there are chicken fingers and grilled cheese. Check out their site.
-- Los Angeles, CA - Pizzicotto. Best (and most reasonably priced) Italian food in all of LA. It's in the very cute area of Brentwood, so park and walk around a bit before dinner. Here are some reviews.

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