Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Finds 5.21.10

The end of May is upon us which mean one thing (well it means several things really but for the purposes of today's post it means one thing), Father's Day and graduations are fastly approaching. In today's Friday Finds segment we highlight some cool unique gifts for the dads or grads in your life. Happy Friday, hope you enjoy ;)


If your dad is like ours, the need to where cufflinks doesn't arise very often, but when it does why not have some fun with it? My personal favorite is a pair of silver links I have that are flickr images that switch between an angel and a devil depending on the angle but alas I digress. My point is that formal can still be fun and nobody displays that better than cufflinks. Cufflinks' work definitely brings a welcomed splash of fun and color to the formal scene. Below are a few of my favorites; to see more of cufflinks' work please check out his Etsy shop.

batman cufflinks

indiana jones cufflinks

storm strooper cufflinks

ace of spades cufflinks


Is dad a Casablanca fan? Is your new grad always playing poker? If you know what they like but don't know what they have look no further than Toiluxe. Toiluxe brings art to the wash room, creating one of a kind toilet seats and switch plates that will make the perfect gift for the dad or grad who has everything. To see more of Toiluxe's unique and awesome work swing by her Etsy shop.

alice toilet seat

casablanca toilet seat

royal flush toilet seat

geisha girl toilet seat


Who doesn't like Ol' Blue Eyes? What better way to remind your dad or grad that they've got the world on a string than with our tribute to Frankie? Francis Albert, we salute you. To see more of our tributes please visit our Etsy shop.

frank sinatra print

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  1. If my husband ever wore cufflinks, he would be all about those Storm Troopers :)

  2. Yeah, cufflinks has some really wild stuff. Great Star Wars designs and I really liked the Monopoly designs as well; maybe I need to start wearing my tux more often ;)

  3. yah, the storm troopers caught my eye too. Hahaha! So great!

  4. We liked these Yoda ones as well GardenPig:

    Thanks for checking out our Friday Finds ;)

  5. Love the fun cufflinks, I hearted them in case I ever have the need to buy my boyfriend some :)

  6. I love the cufflinks you have!It's always best to be dressed up rather than dressed down. Looking crisp and snappy would always boost a man's confidence. Choosing the right accessory for that occasion can definitely make a big difference. Cufflinks are best for those special formal occasions. cufflinks

  7. We agree article, cufflinks are a most excellent accessory. Thanks for sharing your offerings as well; not sure if I'll ever have so many cufflinks that I'll need a dedicated cufflink box ;)


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