Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Finds 5.14.10

Well, after a brief hiatus, welcome back to Friday Finds. I was dusting off my vinyl collection today when I had a bit of an A-Ha moment (not the Take On Me guys). I said to myself, self, let's see what vinyl we can find from our friends on Etsy. Here's a few of my favorites, hope you enjoy ;)


To see more of vmgceramic's work please check out her Etsy shop.

badtz maru

sugar bunny skully

miao & mousubi

silver baby tiger


i think it turned black


To see more of BananaFairy59's work swing by her Etsy shop.

creature from the black lagoon


phantom of the opera

the mummy


If there was a Famous Senior that we would want to immortalize in vinyl it would definitely be this dude, Albert Einstein we salute you. To see more of our tributes please visit our Etsy shop.

albert einstein

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Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. These are all so cute! I love wolfman :D

  2. The level of detail in Ali's work is amazing. We love all of the movie monsters, and all of the accessories are spot on, really great work all around.


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