Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Featured Artist :: Emelia Jane Photography

Emelia Jane Photography

This week's featured artist is Emelia Jane Photography!

Senioritis: Name and location please.
EmeliaJane: Emelia Jane Fleck, Shelburne Falls, MA.
Senioritis: Ahh a New Englander! Hi Emelia, we have a lot of family up in MA ;)

Senioritis: Can you please tell us a little about yourself?
EmeliaJane: My name is Emelia and I have been completely enthralled with photography for as long as I can remember. I am inspired by the unusual and extraordinary beauty hiding within ordinary objects. It brings me so much pleasure to know that when I capture an image in my lens, that flash in time will never recur, however it will live on forever in my photograph. I love looking at an image and being transported to the feeling of that particular moment in time; the smell of a garden in the early morning, the electricity before a summer storm, the warmth of a loved possession! Other than being a photographer I am an avid illustrator (I have a second Etsy shop BelliUccelli), old cemetery enthusiast, treasure hunter and lover of chocolate!
Senioritis: Wow, we feel like we've known you for years ;) We're not too great with a camera but we know what you mean about being able to capture a moment that will never happen again; definitely a very cool feeling. I can't say that we've met many old cemetary enthusiasts but we do like the Michael Jackson Thriller video :) Have you found any good treasure during your hunting?

Senioritis: How would you describe your style Emelia?
EmeliaJane: Memorable, Natural, Enchanting, Unique.
Senioritis: We would definitely agree, we think the way you capture images is awesome!

Senioritis: Do you have a favorite color Emelia?
EmeliaJane: I have many but lately my favorite has been Aqua!

aqua reflections

Senioritis: Are your a righty or a lefty?
EmeliaJane: Righty.
Senioritis: Hmm, the fact that you're a righty and a photographer got me thinking; do they make cameras for leftys where the shutter release button is on the left hand side?

Senioritis: Emelia, do you have a favorite quote?
EmeliaJane: Be to others kind and true as you'd have others be to you.
Senioritis: Sounds a bit like the golden rule to us, can never go wrong with these words of wisdom!

music of the forest

Senioritis: If you could have lunch with someone famous, past or present, who would it be?
EmeliaJane: Daniel Webster. He was my cousin 9 times removed and I am just so curious!
Senioritis: Wow, we're not sure which is cooler the fact that Daniel Webster was your cousin or the fact that you can trace your family that far out ;)

Senioritis: What's your favorite cartoon, from now or when you were a kid?
EmeliaJane: Hands down The Pink Panther! I adore the early cartoons, the ones where no one talks and there is no laugh track, brilliant!

Senioritis: Anyone else hear the Pink Panther music? Pink Panther is definitely a classic!


Senioritis: Emelia, where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?
EmeliaJane: Oooo! In 10 years I have a beautiful little yellow bungalow with a huge sycamore tree out front and a front and back porch, a garden and three chickens :) I have visited at least half of the destinations on my travel list (China, New Zealand and Africa are a must) and I am continuing to be a full time photographer and illustrator, always creating and enjoying my art! Whoa, I got excited about that question! :)
Senioritis: Sounds good to us! My sister Jillian spent some time in New Zealand and loved it. What other destinations are on your travel list?

1 hour cleaners

Senioritis: Are there any websites you'd like to share with us?
EmeliaJane: belliuccelli shop

Senioritis: Any shoutouts?
EmeliaJane: My wonderful family and friends for supporting me 100%! and...


Thanks for sharing some time and info with us Emelia! Best of luck with your photography and illustration endeavors; your work is sweet!

Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Great photography, good pick for your feature this week!

  2. Thanks Heather, Emelia's work is great!

    Her Music of the Forest photo reminds of a time I saw a piano on a subway platform in NYC, not quite sure how it got there but it would have been a great photo opp ;)

  3. Great photography! And nice to hear from a fellow MA Etsian! :)

    Twitter @sabrinaholly


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