Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Semester Show

This past Saturday night was my final a cappella show. The feeling after each semester show is always a bittersweet one, excitement after a job well done and sadness that the one thing we work towards for months has come to an end. This past show was especially heartbreaking since it was my last show as a member of the Pegs. I first got into the group first semester of my freshmen year and have put my heart and soul into the group since then, serving as the group's treasurer for two semesters and as president for three. I have seen the group grow both in numbers and talent and was very fortunate to get to know so many great people.

This semester was one of the hardest for the group as a whole as there was more attitude and pettiness than usual. As a leader of the group I became really discouraged and frustrated with each of the members of the group. Despite this annoyance, I am incredibly happy that I stuck with the group. I learned so much, from conflict resolution to organizational skills. The group showed its appreciation by presenting me with a senior gift that moved me to tears. For the past seven semesters I have pitched the song "Come to my Window" by Melissa Ethridge and for some reason it has never been voted in as one of the songs the group will perform. Knowing my love for this song, the group arranged it and sang it to me. I couldn't even explain the joy and emotion that engulfed me during their presentation. It was a great feeling to feel like I was appreciated for all that I have done for the group and know that I really will be missed.

As with every Monday I have loads of work to do and must therefore begin my procrastination.

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Jill @ Senioritis


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