Monday, April 19, 2010

Four Weeks...

I graduate from college in four weeks. Four weeks! It is incredible to think how quickly four years have flown by. I am personally not ready to graduate and I am one of the lucky ones; I have a job for the summer at an Environmental Consulting company and know what I'm doing next year, attending Vermont Law School. I feel old and at the same time incredibly young. I'm not sure I'm ready to go out into the real world.
Surprisingly with graduation comes a great deal of planning. I had to select which ceremonies I wanted to attend, order a cap and gown, make restaurant reservations (Wegmans anyone?), and make sure my house is in order for when all of our parents come up. Unfortunately, when I should be having the most fun with it being my last month I have the most work to do, suddenly all of my classes have final papers and projects that my professors neglected to mention until last week. So what if it is on the syllabus? everyone knows no one reads the syllabus! I also seem to be swarmed with meetings. Even though my senior show was last weekend as I mentioned last week, I still have Pegs responsibilities and work to go to, I work at a library on campus.
Though some might argue that my future is certain, I will go to VLS for three years then get a lawyering job, when I am done with that I will become an Environmental Consultant and from there become an adjunct college professor in environmental law and policy. But while I have my life planned until the age of about 65 there is still so much uncertainty. I hate to admit it but I am terrified to leave my bubble of Binghamton, a place that has helped me grow into the person that I have become. It doesn't help that I will be living in the boonies for the next three years straight since I will be staying in Vermont for summers so that I can get my masters as well as my JD.
To say the least I am a bit stressed out as I come into these last few weeks. Luckily my senioritis has kicked in hardcore so I won't feel the brunt of the stress until the night before each project is due.
As always stay your lazy procrastinating self.

Jill @ Senioritis

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