Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Always Use Protection

Well, in our continuous effort to provide people the world over with colorful inspiration, we bring you our newest creation; Famous Seniors coasters. After seeing a sweet DIY on how to make coasters we figured we would give it a shot, of course we gave it our own little senioritis twist ;)

Some of our results are pictured below and we were hoping we could get some help:

Firstly, do you or people you know use coasters?
Secondly, how much would you be willing to pay for a set of 4 coasters?
Thirdly, would you be happy if you received these coasters as a gift?
Fourthly, well, I don't have a fourth question but you don't see the word fourthly very often so I figured this was my shot ;)



For the technical people out there these coasters are made out of laminated pieces of cardstock mounted on to plexi. Thanks to the lamination and an acrylic sealant the artwork is completely protected from water and can be cleaned with mild soap and water (not dishwasher safe though).

As always, all input and feedback is welcomed and appreciated. If you have any questions please let us know and remember, always use protection!

Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Wow! Those look great! They remind me of something you would see in a game room - so bright and colorful!
    I think coasters are going for around $20 - $30 on Etsy.
    BEST of LUCK!

  2. These are great! I always love the fun coasters you see in themed restaurants, it's something fun to read while you're waiting. I really like these!

  3. Thanks a bunch JustScraps & Ritzee, thanks for taking a look, we appreciate the feedback :)

    Others have voiced their opinions and have recommended some black and white versions as these colors may be too bold for home use so we're gonna work on more formal black and white alternatives as well.

  4. Wow these look great! I've been looking at coasters a lot on Etsy, and for ones that aren't made as well as these I've seen prices around $15. I'd say you can go higher than that!

    I do agree about the color though, some people like to buy coasters to match their decor :D Though personally I LOVE more color!

  5. Thanks Heather! We printed out some black and white options today and hopefully we'll have them put together by the end of the weekend.

    Feedback has been pretty positive so far so coasters should be making an appearance in our shop at some point ;)

  6. Wow...these are wonderful, small and portable lol! It would be great as a gift! I would prefer colors and more colors ;D

    I think most people work in an office would use coaster. It is really a great gift from a PA to their bosses, especially with quote that 'motivate' increment! lol!

    Researchers who work in a lab or research institutes, these people are great fans of famous scientist. Think about this, perhaps custom order option would be good for researchers to customize using their bosses' image and quote as gift. Bosses like Sydney Brenner, Alan Colman etc. Hmm..the question here is how to reach out to this market.

    As for how much would I pay; I normally will see the final amount including shipping. Some shipping are really costly ;D

  7. Thanks Sophine, yup these are definitely small and portable ;)

    We think these would make great gift items as well and customization is definitely an option. Like you said, it's just figuring out how to reach this market.

    Thanks so much for taking a look at our coasters and for your input =)

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