Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Featured Artist :: Everybody Else

This week's featured artist is Everybody Else!

Everybody Else - Art & Cards by Melody DuVal

Senioritis: Name and location please.
Everybody Else: Melody DuVal. Goshen, IN.
Senioritis: Hi Melody!

Senioritis: Can you tell us a little about yourself please?
Everybody Else: As a kid I just couldn't draw enough. I covered all available surfaces. At first that got me into trouble, but as I got older I started getting compliments and even requests. I went to college for graphic design and, thinking I wouldn't be taken seriously otherwise, kept my doodles out of the classroom. My last semester a friend convinced me to use them for a project, the professor raved about them and told me I should be in illustration. I was flattered, but I hadn't studied illustration and didn't think I would make the cut. After college I got a job designing local advertisements, but my boss noticed my in-meeting doodles and put me to work illustrating some books we were printing. Around the same time I heard about and thought it would be pretty low risk to print out some of my personal art and try to sell it on there. I started with cards, because I write a lot of letters and printing my own cards was cheaper than buying them in the store. I just printed extra and posted them on etsy. I wouldn't call my art an instant hit, but I'm slowly drawing an online following.
Senioritis: I used to draw all over everything as a kid also! Unfortunately I don't draw as much as I used to. We think your work is awesome Melody, really dig your style. We're glad your friend convinced you to use your doodles for the class project ;)

Senioritis: Marlon Brando: Streetcar Named Desire or the Godfather?
Everybody Else: Streetcar Named Desire.

summer beauty

Senioritis: How would you describe your style Melody?
Everybody Else: Colorful, Whimsical, Bright, Innocent.

Senioritis: What's the best business tip you have ever received and who gave it to you?
Everybody Else: I've never received any tips directly, but the Etsy forums have been a great way to find information and ideas.
Senioritis: The Etsy forums are a wealth of information indeed, we learn new things all the time.

thinking of you

Senioritis: What would you say is your favorite sport to either watch or play Melody?
Everybody Else: I'm not a sports person, but I enjoy a good game of soccer.
Senioritis: We've never really played soccer but we always enjoy watching the World Cup.

Senioritis: Chevy Chase: Fletch or Three Amigos
Everybody Else: I've never seen either.

Senioritis: Melody, do you have a favorite quote?
Everybody Else: “Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is always new, marvelous, intoxicating.”
- Simone Weil
Senioritis: That's a very interesting observation.

concert chic

Senioritis: If you could jump in the DeLorean and go back in time; what’s one thing you would do differently in your business Melody?
Everybody Else: I'd have more work ready to sell before I opened up shop.
Senioritis: Great point Melody. We're currently looking into selling at craft shows and the like and we've had to do some serious planning about how much inventory to build up before these events.

Senioritis: If the $100 bill needed a redesign, who would you put on it?
Everybody Else: I'd let Ben keep it. As a graphic designer I know you can't get too extreme in your re-branding or you lose your identity.
Senioritis: It's all about the Benjamins. We'd say that the current $100 bill design has a pretty strong identity ;)

Senioritis: Where can we find you on the web Melody?
Everybody Else: My Etsy shop, my blog, and on flickr.
Senioritis: We're glad to hear everything worked out ok with the bronze!

winter friends card

Senioritis: James Bond: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig?
Everybody Else: Sean Connery
Senioritis: Just when we thought the Connery trend was changing...

Thanks for sharing some info with us Melody. We wish you continued success and hope your online following continues to grow. Please swing by Everybody Else and check out all of Melody's sweet work!

Garrick @ Senioritis


  1. Thanks for the lovely feature :)

  2. Our pleasure Melody, we look forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. Nice feature. I have always liked melody's style ! Very very whimsical :)

  4. Thanks Lakshmi, we couldn't agree more, Melody's work rocks!


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